When it comes to adequate illumination, the right lighting solutions are required. Whether you want lighting for your house, business, or industrial site, Light Up Kingsford has got you covered with a wide variety of options! We are your source for a wide range of wholesale lighting Sydney options adapted to the unique demands of the place. We are convinced that as your online lighting store, you will discover the perfect product at the right price to help you reach all of your illumination goals, regardless of the setting.

Buyers may find a wide range of wholesale light fixtures. Individuals who are building a house, undertaking a major remodelling of a home or any home improvement plan, or managing a large-scale project frequently need to keep these expenses low. Buying at a bargain is one possibility. Finding a wholesale lighting Sydney dealer who carries exactly what you want might be even better. You will almost certainly save a large amount of money this way. However, contrary to popular belief, you do not have to sacrifice elegance or efficiency in order to save money. You will save a large amount of money with the correct service while still having the required alternatives.

Domestic and Commercial Wholesale Lighting Solutions

Our collection meets all of your lighting requirements for every conceivable application. We provide a wide choice of alternatives for both residential and commercial lighting. We offer you to choose from recessed troffers, wall sconces, recessed can light and barn lighting, and more popular styles. Our interior lighting collection has an appealing aesthetic that is ideal for any house or company while also giving the performance you need for your requirements.

Wholesale Lighting Sydney

In addition to our interior residential and business lighting solutions, we provide a variety of outdoor lighting alternatives. These solutions include a number of critical ratings and manufacturing criteria to ensure their lifetime in the harshest of environments, such as rain, wind, snow, and heat exposure.

We have something for both sides of the illumination spectrum, whether you’re searching for high-powered parking lot lights or modest walkway lights to add to your stairs.

Design your Outdoor with Contemporary Lighting

Your outdoor living space should be pleasant, comfortable, and well-lit at all times of the day. Modern outdoor lighting allows you to Light Up every bit of your patio, pergola, or yard. To brighten the perimeter of your property, use mid-century modern exterior wall lights designed by the exterior lighting collection.

Outdoor Chandelier Light

Install an outdoor chandelier or pendant to give farmhouse style to your covered porch or patio. You may create a well-lit path across your property with contemporary landscape lighting. A Scandinavian flush-mount light will brighten your porch’s way. Include modern outdoor table lighting to bring attention to your food, book, or visitors. With our outdoor lighting solutions, you’ll spend more time enjoying your outside living space.

We also provide a wide range of high-powered solutions for commercial and industrial-led lighting requirements. We provide a variety of solutions to match your precise needs, from fixtures intended for demanding settings with explosion-proof construction to vapour-tight lights for further protection.

We are convinced that you will discover the correct solution regardless of the location you are purchasing for or your demands. Finding the right kind of lights and fixtures has never been easier, thanks to an emphasis on low pricing and various brands and varieties. If you have any questions when shopping with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our qualified lighting consultants.

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Why Choose Light Up Kingsford?

As an outdoor lighting expert, the Light Up Kingsford product line is vast and encompasses a wide range of models and applications. We classify our luminaires into eight major groups based on common installation criteria, as well as transformers, accessories, and light sources;

Ground and Deck Mounted

Light Up Kingsford brings a wide range of light collections for ground and deck-level surfaces. These mountable lights come in versatile designs and are best for low-level fixtures.

Pole Mounted Lighting Fixtures

Pole-mounted lighting solutions are best for situations where light sources need to rise from ground level. Light Up offers a variety of durable luminaires that incorporate a pole in the design for higher-level illumination.

Inground and Recessed

Many Light Up Kingsford luminaires are designed to be recessed into floors or decks to provide an excellent source of upward illumination with a very low profile and minimal visibility during the day.

Wall Mounted

Light Up Kingsford outdoor wall lights are designed for mounting on the side of buildings or vertical surfaces to highlight the wall structure and texture or provide an elevated position for illumination of specific features or areas.

Tree Mount Lighting Fixtures

Tree-mounted luminaires are easy to fix on plants and trees of different sizes, shapes and designs. These Wholesale Tree Lighting collections can create dramatic lighting effects on various things, including canopies, trunks and many highly placed objects.

Underwater Lighting Fixtures

We have waterproof luminaires; however, there are particular models designed specifically for underwater lighting use. Light Up provides dedicated fixtures for pool lights, pond lighting, water features and fountains.

Transformers and LED Drivers

For ground-level surfaces, it is crucial to have low-voltage wires that are safe for living beings. Low voltage luminaires are best for a safe and simple system for installing outdoor lighting. So, these are safe enough for underground or ground-level installation. Light Up offers a wide range of transformers and LED drivers designed for luminaires.

Lighting Accessories

Light Up Kingsford provides a wide range of optional accessories to allow the user to customise luminaires according to their individual installation requirements. Accessories include different lenses, attachments for glare control and optional installation equipment.

Step Lights

Light Up Kingsford step lights are recessed into steps and wall surfaces and are used for a variety of illumination techniques such as step lighting, path lighting and driveway lighting.

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