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Ceiling Fan Shop SydneyIf you have a collection of ceiling fans without built-in lights, you have to invest in a lot more things. This involves wires, buttons to operate, a controller, extra wires, ducting, and pay the installation charges. Though you can also have external matching light fixtures, the modern ceiling fans can meet the requirements of cooling and light simultaneously.  Of course, buying a ceiling fan with a light is easier, but if you can't find one that fits you, don't worry! You can get exactly what you need when you browse ceiling fan lighting online. For your own mental satisfaction, it is good to visit a ceiling fan shop Sydney to have a better idea of quality checks and design matches.

Ceiling Fan Buying Guide

The ceiling fan buying guide by Light Up Kingsford covers all the considerations one can have. The earliest one is to think about a site where the fan will be installed, i.e. indoor or outdoor usage. Almost all of the fans are suitable for indoor places

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Outdoor ceiling fans are of two types mainly. One is damp listed, and the other is wet listed. Among the two outdoor ceiling fan types, damp-listed fans are a hot favorite for covered areas and are not directly exposed to water. Examples include covered patios and covered gazebos. It is worth mentioning that open-air decks and uncovered gazebos are exposed to water directly. In those uncovered areas, wet listed ceiling fans are a suitable option.

Ceiling Fan Size

Size does matter when it comes to choosing the right fan size. To find the right ceiling fan size, you have to take measurements of the area or room. Room measurements involve taking the room size by getting the length and width and multiplying both. The result will show you the covered area in a room in square feet. This measurement will help you get to know the required fan size for your room or open space.

In case your room is 75 square feet or less, choosing a 44-inch fan or smaller would be enough. In rooms or areas that are under 350 square feet of coverage, a fan with 48 to 58 inches could be optimum. Rooms with over 350 square feet of the covered area should have a fan that is 60 inches or even larger.

Ceiling Fan Down Rods and Mounting Types

To have the right mounting type and down rod length, you will need to measure the ceiling height. The ceiling measurement must be taken from the height point to the floor. It will help you choose the right fan type. For low ceilings that have a height of 9 feet, a hugger fan is a preferable option. Hugger or flush mount ceiling fans can be mounted directly to the ceiling without the need for rod support. Low-profile fans can also be used for standard low-height ceilings. Low profiles have a dual mount feature which allows mounting close to the ceiling without any down rod support.

For ceilings over nine feet in height, we recommend the addition of a down rod for better airflow circulation. In case you need a down rod, the following chart is helpful to determine the length of the down rod.

10 Feet Ceiling

For a ceiling of over 9 feet to 10 feet, a rod with a length of twelve to eighteen inches is sufficient to get the optimum airflow.

11 Feet Ceiling

For a ceiling of over 10 feet and to 11 feet, a rod with a length of eighteen to twenty-four inches is sufficient to get the optimum airflow.

12 Feet Ceiling

For a ceiling of over 11 feet to 12 feet, a rod with a length of thirty-six inches is sufficient to get the optimum airflow.

13 Feet Ceiling

For a ceiling of over 12 feet to 13 feet, a rod with a length of forty-eight inches is sufficient to get the optimum airflow.

14-15 Feet Ceiling

For a ceiling of over 13 feet and up to 15 feet, a rod with a length of seventy-two inches is sufficient to get the optimum airflow.

Consultation by Certified Designers

Are you looking for consultation from certified designers in Sydney to help you decide on the best ceiling fans in Sydney? Are you searching for the best ceiling fan shop Sydney to buy the fans for your home or work? Get in touch with the qualified and accreted Sydney-based designers who have over six decades of combined experience.

At Light Up Kingsford, we not only help you with choosing the perfect fan, but we also provide reliable, energy-efficient, beautifully designed fans. Our DC Motor ceiling fans are energy efficient. You can control and adjust their airflow for both summer and winter. Our fans come with 18W LED Lamp that can offer 1000 lumens. You can control the light, fan speed and reverse rotation with the help of remote control.

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You can visit our shop to select the best fan according to your needs. Moreover, you can also consult our highly experienced designers to help you choose the perfect ceiling fan. For more information and consultation, give us a call at, Tel: (02) 9663 1214.


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