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One of the things that makes Light Up Kingsford the best lighting outlet Sydney and so unique is that we are run by two licensed electricians who are passionate about design so we know how it works, how it should look and where it should go.

With over 60 years combined experience in electrical fitout and design you will be dealing with experts who know how to back it up rather than casual sales staff. We have taught people nationally about lighting design, energy efficiency and are licensed energy efficiency consultants.

Houses aren’t about lighting equally. No one wants to live in an office, lighting should be moody and ambient with pools of light. The key to lighting is indirect light. We don’t throw lights at a space, you don’t want to turn around and have lights hitting you in the face. The concept is to light onto a surface, create a hue of light that is artistic and reflect off that surface.

We also use that same concept for Garden Lighting. For us there is much more to lighting than having beautiful fittings. We want a fitting that creates great light, shines up into the greenery and reflects out so that the greenery itself is the showpiece.

Our lighting designs have helped teams win the block, won international design awards as part of John Singleton’s Saddles restaurant and been invited to the Chelsea Flower Show.

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Light Up Kingsford, the Leading Lighting Outlet Sydney, Offers Best Collection of Residential & Commercial Lighting

Lighting is the basic necessity for our brighter present as humans grow exponentially. The current focus of mankind is on energy-efficient lighting with zero carbon emissions and less energy consumption. Light Up Kingsford is a leading name that is known as the best lighting outlet Sydney with a variety of classic and modern era lighting collections. We are a team of two certified electricians with over sixty years of experience.

Apart from meeting the basic needs, Light Up has a vast collection of lighting collection that will make your building an attractive site. As a responsible nation, we have become much more aware of the need to save energy in recent years. Light Up is the top name when it comes to Led Lights Sydney, whether for home or commercial use. Using a sustainable and environmentally friendly light source can assist in making the world a better place to live.


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Lighting Outlet Sydney – Lighting Consultation for Residential and Commercial Properties

Lighting by professionals not only improves visibility but also makes the area prominent and attractive. A good lighting outlet Sydney always thinks about layers. This means the lighting consultant, who is the expert, updates you about lighting sources to generate contrast, improve the texture, and highlight various components of rooms, halls or office spaces.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the illumination that occurs between light beams in your house. In this tutorial, I’ll talk about ambient lighting, determining the optimal levels for it, and organising your lights to obtain the finest ambient lighting possible.

Ambient lighting is the foundation of any space, providing the visibility and usefulness that each room demands. Choosing the greatest contemporary light fixtures for your house is crucial. You may add a ceiling fan to combine lighting with a pleasant breeze. A contemporary chandelier may make an unrivalled, eye-catching statement in your entryway, dining room, bedroom, or living room. Modern pendant lights may give just the appropriate lighting over your kitchen, reading nook, or another spot. Modern flush-mount and semi-flush-mount lights are useful since they can be installed practically anywhere. With its functional and unique appearance, wall lights and sconces may add the final touch. Recessed ceiling lighting illuminates each space.

Accent Lighting

Accent colour and lighting are just as significant as the many objects you employ to spruce up your home design. Even if you love browns and natural solid wood tones, a splash of colour may be energising and eye-catching. Accent lights, when put on a deck or patio, may provide a number of advantages. It is important to have enough light to safely move about at night in order to avoid falls or accidents to yourself and the things in your yard. Having some illumination while attempting to perform work after the sun has set is also beneficial. Accent lights can also give some protection because prowlers are less likely to approach areas where there is enough light for them to be seen.

Task Lighting and its Use

Light Lamps as Task Lighting are a beautiful and functional design feature that may be used in every space of your house. You can choose a modern or farmhouse-style floor lamp to highlight a corner or to make up for insufficient lighting in your room. The modern table lamp is helpful for you to concentrate on your important work. Modern bedside table lamps are an excellent choice for a nightstand, workstation, or accent table.

Benefits of Task Lighting

  • Less Eye Strain
  • Variety of Choice
  • Energy Saving

Shop Table Lamp from Best Lighting Outlet Sydney

Table lamps are a wonderful way to create the tone and offer a unique style to any space in your house. Table lighting may become a statement item when paired with the proper shade and décor. If you are on the lookout for the best lighting outlet Sydney to buy table lamps, Light Up Kingsford is your go-to option.

Table lamps are also excellent partners to chandeliers, pendant lights, and floor lamps. They give levels of task and accent lighting to any living area to add elegance and comfort.

Shop for Australia’s most fantastic selection of table lamps today from the best lighting outlet Sydney. We have a tremendous collection of table lamps that will add a touch of sophistication to your house and match your existing decor.

A Wide Range of Table Lighting

Light Up Kingsford has a variety of table lighting solutions to meet your preferred style, décor, colours, and textures. Our adaptable table lamps may be used in a variety of settings, including bedside tables, workplaces, dressing tables, console tables, and lounge area side tables.

A matching set of lights adds aesthetic harmony and proportion to console tables. Meanwhile, side table lights may help you relax by setting the tone in your living area.

The most anticipated and wide range of table lamps includes:

  • Bedside table lamps
  • Black or White table lamps
  • Timber table lamps
  • Gold table lamps
  • Brass table lamps
  • Large, Medium or Small table lamps
  • Traditional table lamps
  • Modern table lamps
  • LED table lamps

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Light Up Kingsford is known for meeting what is promised. If you are looking for certified and well-experienced lighting consultation and installation as well, you are in safe hands. We have modern tools and skill sets for installing any sort of lighting. We are experts in domestic, residential and industrial lighting projects. Get in touch by calling us at, Tel: (02) 9663 1214.

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